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Invest in something you will cherish Forever



Invest in something you will cherish Forever

It's're getting married!  Plans are in the works and you are trying to make sure that all the small details are just perfect for you and your future spouses' very special day.  This day will be about sharing the love you have for one another and committing to each other in front of all the people that are most special in your lives.  Let Royal Productions capture this unique day and make sure that you can relive it year after year.


My passion is to tell the story of your entire day.  So many details can escape your memory and that is why I want to capture as much of it as possible.  Over the years I've come to figure out what I think is the best coverage for your special day.  Myself as well as an assistant DP will follow you and your fiancé from hair & makeup straight through those very important first dances while capturing everything in between.



  • Complete wedding coverage(up to 13 hours)

  • Bride & Groom Prep Coverage

  • Royal Productions Cinema Team (2 cinematographers during entire day)

  • Audio for speeches collected directly through microphone for crystal clear sound

  • An artistically composed Feature Film (typically between 7-9 minutes in length)

  • Entire event filmed in 1080p HD video

  • Custom “laser-etched” wood USB drive

  • Custom “laser etched” wood slide box

  • 3-4 Camera Ceremony Coverage

Field Production

  • Personnel & Equipment Camera Package

  • Canon EOS Cinema Cameras C100 Mark II / C100 / 1DX Mark II

  • Video production lighting (used indoors during reception)

  • DJI Mavic Pro quad copter for aerial shots (weather permitting)

  • All Premium Canon “L” series glass & Sigma Art

  • Motorized servo controlled slider (Edelkrone)

  • Zhiyun Crane motorized gimbal camera stabilizer

  • Wireless lapel microphones for Officiant, Bride & Groom

Post Production

  • Transferring of Files

  • Off-Line Rough Cut

  • On-Line Editing

  • Color Correction / Grading

  • Custom USB drive design

Total for feature film package described above :                         $4490.00


In addition to the wedding film package there are a few items than can be added to custom tailor the package to your needs in the à la carte list: